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February 8, 2012 | Posted At: 04:11 PM | Author: Alexander Russo | Category: Urban Ed

Gangs: Teen Slips Gang Symbols Into City Sticker

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Every year the City of Chicago invites children to submit designs for the parking sticker that is required of all residents, hoping to distract from the much-loathed revenue generator.

This year’s selection, designed by a 15 year old student attending an alternative high school, was about to go to the printer when a police officer blogger noticed that there were several gang symbols and signs cleverly embedded in the image, that the teen’s father was a well-known gangbanger, etc.  The City Clerk is looking into the situation.

Street gangs remain an enormous problem in Chicago — so much so that some political candidates meet with gang representatives hoping to win support for their campaigns — usually in exchange for jobs or favors — and school district administrators have to consider gang boundaries and allegiances along with demographics when closing or consolidating schools.


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My post:

I think this is a phenomenal way to encourage kids to use their skills and talent and get involved with our city. It is very unfortunate that this student chose to misuse his/her talent and embed these gang related symbols into this beautiful artwork. His talent could have won recognition and such honor which he/she could be so proud of. This person clearly has talent and could do so much more. I am a suburban high school teacher and we deal with this stuff all the time These troubled (not all) kids have so much talent and smarts, but choose to make poor decisions when they have so much potential to do something with their lives and make such a huge impact! I hope this kid (and others) can read this article and make realizations.


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